HUF Magazine Issue 55 Out Now


HUF Magazine issue 55 is out with the cover photography by Roberto Vazquez. This issue features five exclusive interviews that will make you see the world in a different view. Maria Vassiliou, who believes art is everywhere around us – she defines art as something that can give you a visceral reaction; Jenna Gregory, whose day-to-day reality is living the adventures of her imagination; Sini Majuri, who tells her story through bending glass; Kari Wahlgren, whose voice you have probably already heard before if you have watched Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness; And finally, Dr. Hormazd Narielwalla PhD, who creates his art work with scissors, pencil and archival double-sided tape.

As with all our issues, we also feature stunning creative editorials that are exclusive to HUF Magazine, by photographers and the team such as Kamil Banaszek, Matt Stansfield, Norbert Bäres, Stoney Darkstone, Roberto Vazquez and Dasha Denger. These editorials have never been seen before, not on any social media or any website. You will be the first to see them in HUF Magazine.

Don’t forget our Creative Profiling section, where in each issue we will introduce you to the creatives that are worth following.

And last but not least, our design section, where we showcase the best in the design world.

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