Introducing .the rose

Inenarrable («singular»), crossbody bag in lambskin. Worn across the body or in your own unique way (outfit or doudou) . Detachable pouch turns into a clutch (22x18cm, strap 18x170cm). Available in 4 colourways and in «lamb bubble» for a rougher touch. Unisex.

Elude, messenger or shopper bag with a generous body that allows hands free styling all day. Wear it as you like and enjoy its practicability, Constructed with an adjustable military-style strap contrasted with its velour touch, this bag can be carried on the shoulder across the body, or with one hand. (40×55 cm). Available in 4 colour combinations. Unisex


“.the rose is the creative accumulations of passionate nostalgics; those who still remember the sharp taste of Tang on the tongue .

Born from the meandering spirit of a créatrice and doyenne. Nameless, but named Martha, her works are a cacophony of influences and styles which render them unique.

Martha mixes form and function, colour and texture, to create in each product an aesthetic shock and emotional voyage.

.the rose, synonymous in history with romanticism and unfurling mystery, invites you on a journey; a bag or a jewel pulls you to another place, another time. Follow it, follow your desire.

Bags handmade in Italy. Jewellery handmade here and there. All products are the imaginings of an affected mind.”

Visit their website at or their instagram at @therose_paris for more information.
*Photography by Madeleine Brogniez and Maya Shoham

About the designer
Martha Glayman is a French architect, officially for 18 years, but in reality for a lot longer. She designs bags, jewellery and other items whilst she designs buildings, ideas exploding in her head, astounded by all the world has to offer. Each piece brings her no-limits approach to design. Enter her world of the real and unreal, discover her imaginary rose shaped building wherein lies a studio, a boutique, a restaurant and rooms. “Today machines give us an infinite virtual power. Let us transform our possibilities into actualities.”

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