HUF Magazine issue 77 out now, with our golden cover photography by Irina Voiteleva. Creative direction by Andrey Bartenev. Styled by Yulia Che. Hair by Anvar Ochilov and makeup by Valeria Koshkina featuring model Dorofeev Alexander wearing a gold overall by Andrey Bartenev.

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with fashion photographer and music producer Dae Howerton. Started as a graphic designer and retoucher, Dae followed his passion for photography. After being an assistant for a couple of years, he had to try the world by himself. Since then, he has worked with many brands, models and celebrities. His story is both inspiring and interesting.

As with every issue, we feature creative and beautiful editorials by photographers and their team from all around the world. In this issue, we featured editorials by photographers (and their team) such as Claudia Diaz, Dominic Eichler, Irina Voiteleva, MJ Suayan, Pato Rivero and Sven Barucha. If creative inspiration is what you are looking for, then you have to see what we have for you in this issue.

Our “Creative Profiling” section introduces you to the creative people who you should get to know with. In this issue, we introduced you to two creative individuals; Markus Brehm – a chef by trade but passionate in photography. He likes to communicate his art through the strength, power, and beauty of the masculine form. And LEADR – a producer/singer-songwriter, who like to inspire people through his music.

In our “Model Profile” section, where we will introduce you to the next top model who you should be following. In this issue, we are introducing you to ex-US Marine Zach Ahrensfield. Zach has only been modeling full-time for a year, but he has also shot several campaigns with celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Jeffree Star. Read our exclusive interview with Zach and find out more.

And don’t forget about our Design section, where we feature the latest design, architecture, and lifestyle content.

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