Ivan Dzolic Spring/Summer 2014 Advertising Campaign + Video

Spring/Summer 2014
Ready to Wear Collection

Inspired by London’s street chic and mainly intended for young people, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection represents a real refreshment after winter hibernation. Interesting prints and vibrant colors make this collection eclectic and the necessary color black runs through almost every piece.

Fashion enthusiasts will fall in love with these forty clothing pieces of a modern cut that are mainly made of natural materials but they will not be the only ones, those who are not slaves to fashion trends will also love these pieces.

Striking, refreshing and urban – three key words that describe this collection.

“London Street Fashion was my starting point while I was planning the collection. I wanted to present young people with something urban and neo punk but I still wanted it to be wearable. I focused on different prints, unusual glittery materials, vibrant colors and a dominant black as well. Simple cuts and high quality materials make each piece special and wearable both on the streets and for special occasions.“


Designer: Ivan Dzolic 
Photographer: Marijana Gligic 
Video editing: Shavi Lavi
Hair: Jovana Velickovic
Make up: Irena MIletic
Models: Isidora Jokovic & Milos Radovanovic