Randomshoot is a personal project directed by Oscar Bueno as a photographer. The objective is to get the most natural creativity from the teammates of each shooting we done. That fashion editorials are made randomly in a lot of ways: after choosing a date we randomize the models who are going to appear, make up artist, hair and fashion stylist never have a moodboard so they have only one order: to create what the location and models inspire to them. They can coordinate their ideas or not. As a photographer I never know the concept before the shooting day or the day before.

Nowadays we are constantly creating the same content with little differences, its difficult to create something new because surely someone have it done before. The common use of moodboards limitate the creativity to one initial idea and a selection of photos done by others. That influence always in the mind of the people is working in the project. I’m psychologist too and I thought that other way for creating was possible without limitating the mates creativity: Randomshoot.

Photographer: Oscar Bueno
Makeup: Marina Ruiz
Hair: Toñy Gomila
Styling: Carol Quesada
Event planner: Marta Balaguer
Production: RandomShoot
Models: Raghda Ben and Toni Escañellas