Josh Brandão

Fashion Photographer and Filmmaker

Website :
Instagram and twitter : @joshbrandao

Where are you based?
London UK

Why do you take photos and make films?
I’m very passionate about story telling. From straight forward narratives to more subjective themes. I find still photography and moving image very challenging and interesting mediums for that. They can be used to tell a story and send a message in a very effective way and still give the viewer the chance to create their own stories and have their own interpretations of what they see.

What does it mean to be a great photographer/ filmmaker?
Creating passionate and meaningful work, regardless of commercial success. And to never stop creating.

What’s the difference, in terms of process, between planning a photo-shoot and a film shoot?
To me the conceptual part is very similar. In both cases the original concept is developed, researched, tested out and sometimes even re-shot. Input from the team is added during production and pre-production and the piece grows and takes shape very organically. Logistically, film making tends to require a bit more work than photo-shoots and therefore I produce more stills than moving image.

Who inspires you the most?
I tend to be inspired by subjects more than people. Social themes such as equality and ageism have been great sources of inspiration that resulted in some strong pieces. But female icons in pop culture have also played an important part in my work. Madonna, Grace Jones, Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davies, to name a few, have highly influenced my work and myself.

What’s your motto for life?
Respect one another.

What’s on your mind right now?
At this exact moment? Ginger chicken soup, which is cooking on the stove as I’m starving. At this moment in life, continuing to create more work with the incredible creative collaborators I’ve been blessed to meet.