Judge, photography by Tatiphon Khun-on for HUF Magazine

Society forces us to live inside a box and limits our perceptions of what is socially excepted. We are judged when we try to be different and express our true nature. Why can’t a man get a pedicure or curl his hair if it is a means of self expression? It does not make him less of a man but frees him from the constraints of the world we live in… free of judgment.

To judge is to be blind
To judge is to lack understanding
To judge is to act out of fear
To judge is to limit your growth
The truth is…
The judgments on you.

Photographer: Tatiphon Khun-on
Art Director: Siriphong Tipayakesorn
Grooming: Nichakamol Setasathien
Stylist: Jenn Tachavichien
Model: Soslan Kharebov @ One Management