Krasilnikova’s New Collection – Celebrating Imperfections

Krasilnikova is a brand launched by a young Ukrainian designer Irina Krasilnikova in 2009. Bridging the romance, elegance, style, and energy her garments bring forth classic codes translated into modern feminine silhouettes. The young Ukrainian designer is known for her craftsmanship and attention to detail as she tries to interpret natural forms and find new ways to accentuate the female figure. The new collection is collaboration among the designer, the photographer, and the artist.

It was inspired by today’s fashion’s ideal of beauty, which is not a celebration of the natural, but the test of women’s ability to defy it. The fashion industry is not an expression of individuality but is rather a form of seductive and beautiful coercion into believing in the miracle of perfection that enthralls and yet alienates us from the reality of the body, thus creating an inner struggle vs. harmony.

The collection is feminine in an unusually and intelligent-sexy way. In her new collection Irina seeks to inspire women to celebrate their individuality free from media stereotypes. This shift in brand development reflects the natural human desire to change the things around us.

The new collection “Celebrating Imperfections” illustrates Krasilnikova’s whimsical panache, with the presence of both sophistication and romanticism.

The artist’s paintings were enlarged to the size of billboards, and while modeling the garments, the artist is
simultaneously projecting the designer’s perception and her own works.

Please visit Krasilnikova at, or follow them on instagram @krasilnikova_official. For any questions about the collection, you can e-mail them at [email protected] or [email protected]

Photographer: Alexander Hurman
Retoucher: Olha Hurman
Makeup and Hair: Julia Kuzmenko
Accessories: Lena Yastreb, Hovsepyan Design
Stylist: Mariana Rekrutiak
Model/Artist: Juli Kozur

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