LFW September 17 backstage – THEO VII

London Fashion Week September 2017 has already started with shows and events going on throughout the day. HUF Magazine is sending reporters to go backstage to show you what goes on behind the scene.

LFW September 17 backstage – THEO VII

Theo VII focuses on structure and complexity.

Co-founded by designers Miao Ho and Yui Ding and established in 2015, Theo VII works at breaking barriers between gender. The concept is creating a harmony between menswear and womenswear elements.

The aesthetic of the label’s ‘combination between womenswear and menswear’ was set because the 2 co-founders are from womenswear and menswear respectively. Their aesthetic offers a balance between sensibility and reason. The research interests of Yui Ding lie in the area of interpreting the beauty, which hide from artistic and modest forms, and based on these, she creates and has expertise in exquisite printing patterns and colour palette in her design. Miao Hu focuses on structure and the complexity of her pattern making and tan designs aesthetic revolves around deconstruction of pattern and fabrics, loose fitted silhouettes, and diverse techniques.

Credit – Photographer: Simon Lesley