Liam Bergan

Instagram : @liam.bergan

Height : 6’0″ | Weight : 172lbs | Waist : 31/32″ | Chest : 40″ | Shoes : 10-10.5 | Eyes : Hazel | Hair : Brown

Take a look at Liam, and you can’t help but admire his physique and tattoos. Currently signed with Wilhelmina models in NYC, Liam has only been modeling for a year, and he has already been photographed by some of the top male beauty photographers in NYC, such as Rick Day and Chuck Tomas. HUF Magazine had an opportunity to speak with Liam to find out more about him.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I moved from Philadelphia, PA to Jersey City, NJ back in December 2019 to be closer to New York City! Before I moved I worked for a contracting company for about five years. Since I moved here I have been working any odd job that comes my way but mainly have been catering! I am considering getting a certification in personal training so I can work at the gym, since before quarantine I basically lived there.

You are a sport and fitness model. Did fitness come first, or modeling?

I have always been relatively fit, I grew up playing a lot of sports: soccer, football and lacrosse. All of those sports required conditioning and weight training so I continued to stay in the gym pretty regularly even after I stopped playing. I like working out for more than just the physical benefits, I enjoy it as it helps keep my head/attitude happy, clear and positive. I was interested in modeling since I was a teenager, my father was a model as well when he was my age (25) and I always thought it would be cool to pursue. I think being fit was extremely beneficial to jump-starting my modeling career considering I only started pursuing modeling at 24. But I also can argue that entering this industry has kept me more physically fit than ever!

As a fitness model, do you feel any pressure to keep your body in a lean and muscular condition all year round?

Physical fitness and wellness eventually turn into a lifestyle where you cannot really imagine a life without them. I love being in the gym more than anything else in life honestly, its the epitome of self care and like I mentioned before, it helps tremendously with mental health. There has been a recent pressure to stay motivated to stay in top shape during this pandemic though. Feel as though I’ve lost some progress and fell behind a little bit. But I see that as motivation to hit the ground running faster than ever once everything returns to “normal.”

Most people can only dream of having a body like yours. Have you ever felt overweight or out of shape?

Thank you very much, that is a really kind and flattering thing to hear. It’s funny though, as I read this question I realized that I have been complaining about feeling out of shape and “fat” a lot since the gyms have closed. Through the first month of quarantine I felt depressed and extremely unmotivated. It seemed like everything was going very well and then all of the sudden everything was on hold. I understand there are many people dealing with the hardships of this pandemic, and I can imagine that a lot of people may be dealing with similar mental health hiccups through isolation and lack of exercise. My heart goes out to them, because times are tough. But I have been trying my hardest to maintain my home workouts, staying active, going on runs and eating WAY more fruits and veggies rather than junk food. It’s tough to keep a strict diet when all you do is watch Netflix in bed for a month.

Do you remember your very first professional fitness photoshoot? Compared to your most recent fitness photoshoot, do you feel that you have improved?

My first fitness/physique photoshoot was in NYC with Rick Day. I had built a whole portfolio on my own networking and shooting with photographers in Philly but never really took any shots showing off my physique. I had a really great experience and learned that I was quite comfortable in front of the camera. I think that practice and repetition allowed for me to become more comfortable and confident. You can really see confidence in a photograph, from facial expression to body language in your poses. I also spent a lot of time researching other male models who I saw to be successful and learned how to pose more effectively, making sure to know where the lighting was coming from, camera angles, etc. You also learn to know and love your body and once you can own that, everyone else will too.

Can you tell us how do you usually prepare yourself for a fitness photoshoot?

I usually try to eat a light breakfast and hit the gym in the morning for my “glory pump,” I learned it’s best not to eat until after the photoshoot. Always gotta stay hydrated! Shoot or not!

Which photoshoot is your favorite so far?

I recently did a photoshoot for Cartography.NYC with photographer Peter Tamlin, this shoot was amazing and so much fun. It was a Fight Club kind of vibe, catering to the edge in my look as well as capturing my physique in a really interesting light. There were lots of colored red and blue lights we used for this and the shots were some of my favorites. Having a great team by your side during a photoshoot makes the world of difference in the finished product. Grateful for them!

Can you tell us about your neck tattoo as it is quite a big statement?

[Laugh] Figured this would come up eventually. I have found tattoos quite fascinating since I was really young but neither of my parents ever allowed me to get any. I started getting small rather hidden ones since I turned 18. Eventually I reached a point where I was sufficiently covered and decided it was time to go big or go home. The piece is an owl grasping a skull with the Egyptian Ankh symbol in the middle of it with a snake wrapped around. I have a thing for symmetry and the owl fit the space perfectly. It’s a bad ass tattoo by my buddy Dylan Carr from Crown and Feather Tattoo in Fishtown, PA. I started getting statement pieces like this one and my head tattoo because I like having tattoos that other people might be afraid to ever get. They’re a part of me and who I am, so I wear them shamelessly with pride.

What’s your ultimate goal for your modeling career?

When it comes to modeling, it would be unreal to land a couple large campaigns and see myself on some billboards. I have really enjoyed the networking aspect of being involved in the fashion and entertainment industry thus far. I’ve met so many amazingly talented creatives and I want to continue doing so. I am most passionate about my music though. I started recording music about a year ago and recently released two new singles that have gotten some extremely encouraging feedback. I love to write poems and song, I love to sing and I love to entertain. I think modeling will be a stellar vehicle into the music industry and I hope to achieve success and greatness in both, in good time. I am confident that, if I put in the work and give it my 110%, I can achieve literally anything I put my mind to. My music is available on all streaming platforms under “Liam Bergan.” My two new singles are titled “Pull Up” and “Drowning”

How do you stay fit? What’s your training routine? What’s your typical diet?

Recently, I have been doing a lot of running, push-ups and resistance band workouts. Typically, I spend around 2.5 to 3 hours in the gym any given day. Half hour of cardio, half hour of abs and core, hour of whatever muscle groups I’m training and then a wind down in the sauna/steam room. I am constantly adapting new routines and exercises to try and switch things up and keep my muscles constantly challenged. My diet has not always been the greatest, I won’t lie. But recently I have realized as I get older, I cannot eat like a teenager anymore. I have been really focusing on eating a lot of veggies and fruits and lean proteins.

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