Maria Guerrero Collection – Inside my mind

Inside my mind is inspired after doing research on schizophrenia. One of the most complicated mental illness. Which is not just a delusion produce by our consciousness and unconsciousness, it is also a different formation on the frontal are of the brain and a different brain wired formation. Doing the research I saw a documentary of the journey of a little girl named Jani. She was diagnosed with Children schizophrenia. Her family and her has struggling with the illness and they have learn how to live with it. For me Jani the inspired child for this collection, a creative mind, different mind and strong little girl.

This collection pursued to represent the naively and simplicity of a child, and the possession of demons and shadows in her mind. Hiding details of hand embroidery between fabrics. Expressing the volatile mind with the organza, the darned is represented with the black cotton. Also using Tull to implied the embroidery and to maintain the see through illusion underneath the organza.

Art: This pieces have hand embroidery and also some are hand painted. The art is composed by flowers, paper airplanes and black silhouettes of human figures. All this mean to represent the world inside Jani’s head.

Photographer: Manuel Minino
Makeup: Juan Pablo Papaterra
Designer, stylist and art director: Maria Guerrero
Models: Christina Little and Gabriela Hernando