Maria Janasiak Lookbook – InTwoMind, photography by Amelie Rehm


The style of the collection „InTwoMinds“ was inspired by contrary emotions which can be built up in the human mind. The resulting inner strife is shown in the design, especially through the contrast in the interplay in the choice of colours, silhouettes and fabrics.

The collection was inspired by the famous tale of „Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“ which shows in a fictional story, the difficulty of a split personality. The break of the personality is above all represented through fluent fabrics, asymmetric shapes, self-made knit designs and a flashy digital Print.

These attributes embody the deformed character of Mr. Hyde and with that the weaknesses and anxieties of a human being. In contrast, the figure of Dr. Jekyll is a confident gentlemen represented through stiff materials as well as straight lines. With that, the design of the collection is especially characterized by a play of contrasts.

This is also seen in the colour range where reserved colours like black, grey, white and creme were used in comparison to loud and strong colours like orange and blue.The style of the collection combines a modern sport aesthetic with loose silhouettes and traditional menswear which, for instance, can be seen in the reinterpretation of the classichound’s- tooth check.

Photographer: Amelie Rehm
Makeup: Kevin Kunz @ Blossom Management
Designer: Maria Janasiak
Models: Leonie and Natalie Scheffler @ Seeds Models