Mishka Spring/Summer 13 collection + teaser video

We teased it earlier with a video, but now we have the full Lookbook for our Spring 13 collection. Switching up the style from previous Lookbooks, Spring ’13 shoot (which is by the incredible Jason Shaltz) features one model, Shaun Ross, guiding you through our latest gear for the return of sun and warm temperatures. We really couldn’t put any other models next to Shaun and not have them be outdone, so we let him do it on the dolo. These pieces will have you standing out in the crowd. Cuts, patterns, and designs that scream out for attention on frequencies only the right eyes are attuned to. Camouflage from those not initiated.

Spring ’13 is the perfect adornment in the season where everyone starts to crawl out of their cocoons. The time where we all move into the light looking for warmth, mates, and inspiration. Get your fit right, style your gear, and become the light bearer. Drape yourself in a million electrons that each say, “damn son, where’d you find that!?!”
The first delivery of our Spring 2013 collection is now available in our online shop and flagships worldwide. Get shopping!