My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979 Lookbook

Fashion designer Jani Maunula pays homage to his personal Jesus

Hustler White Unidentified collection is an appreciation to Tony Ward. The collection is from a clothing brand called My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979. Tony Ward was the ultimate style icon for the raving youth of the `90s. He was the personal Jesus of Generation X.

Mr. Ward is recognizable even if his face is blocked like his genitals are in the censored version of SEX book by Madonna, which photographs were shot by Steven Meisel. Tony Ward is the cult, whom is never getting old and he is still going strong. Hustler White Unidentified is one part of My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979 collection series.

My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979 clothing brand is the mix of men`s independent fashion and the art of freedom. It is established in 2015. Jani Maunula, the designer of the brand is an alumni of Aalto University in Helsinki. At the moment he lives and works in Helsinki, Finland and Bristol, UK.

Label`s designs are inspired by the forgotten memories, homeland roots, odd locations and the popular culture of the past three decades. The style of My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979 combines the aspects of Scandinavian streetwise melancholia to urban sportswear.

Men`s collections are non seasonal. New collection series are released several times in a calendar year. Fashion pieces are produced in Finland and U.S.A.

“In a small company it`s more productive and inspirational to work non seasonally. No one needs huge autumn-winter or spring-summer collections, if I am honest now. This way it is more ethical too, to produce a couple of products at a time only. The world is drowning into the garment waste already.”

As a part of the label`s guerrilla marketing, someone might find photocopied posters in places such as Lars Homestead in Sahara or U.F.O. sighting spot in Finland and over Banksy`s street art in the UK.

“My business trip is usually a cheap flight or train ticket to somewhere with a backpack full of copied posters…Once in Kairouan in Tunisian Republic I got arrested, because I was Scotch taping Missing posters of a fictional person on the walls.”

Currently My Lost Uncle – MissingSince1979 opened a webshop. Hustler White Unidentified collection is now on the shop among the other collection series. More collection series will follow in the end of this summer.

Photographer: Mikko Rasila
Model: Tomi Lappi (the crown prince of Mr Gay World 2015) as Hustler White (Hustler White, a film by Bruce LaBruce starring Tony Ward, 1996)