“My Naked series questions the representation of feminine nudity, female body, censorship, eroticism. It was motivated by 2 thoughts: How to continue my research on collage through the female nude, and how to show the sensuality of a female body on the internet, where the censorship of social networks no longer makes the difference between eroticism and pornography. To answer it, I proposed models of artistic nude photos mixing studio shots, post-production work and collage.

In collaboration with my makeup artist, we opt for a postmodernist approach. I asked her to make lines that start from the face and cross the body, like lines of cuts. I worked with several models. With one of them, we explored how best to express the idea of decomposition that guided my project. I asked her to pose by dancing instinctively, very slowly, with contortions movements of the body, arms. Subsequently I asked each model to pose in the same way.

After finalizing my editing, I started the post-production work to have bodies very «plastic», close to the standards of fashion magazines, which highlight the cult of perfection. Marrying these codes allowed me to question them, I accentuated the retouch of the models to draw a clinical beauty, cold. I take them out of reality, it is a first step of the decomposition in this project. I was inspired by cubism, the image feeds on associations, body members are recomposed, often reversed, disproportionate.

From this chaos, must be born a balance, a harmony. The collage thus reveals a new reading, in which nudity becomes a garment. There is nothing more sensual than when the naked body is hidden in some way, where nudity is suggested rather than given without asperities. This garment or coating is the collage itself. Looking for consistency in disorder, I recompose the bodies, playing with the curves, moving the nudity as it appears to us. Sensuality arises in the forceps, where raw coldness ends up canceling itself to create an unexpected eroticism.” – André Sanchez, photographer

Photographer: André Sanchez
Makeup: Lorelei Fisher
Models: Ash, Aurélia, Elearage, Jack, Lin Xizi, Stephanie, Tifaine