Nelson Garcia

Height : 5’11” | Weight : 160 | Waist : 31″ | Chest : 40″ | Shoe : Size 11 | Hair : Black | Eyes : Black

Originally from Venezuela, Nelson moved to the US to follow his dream of becoming a fashion model. Based in Washington DC, Nelson Garcia is not only a model. He’s a lawyer (immigration paralegal) by day and a model by night. Nelson enjoys using modeling as an opportunity to show people that sometimes models are not just pretty face. HUF Magazine jumped at the chance to speak with Nick and discover more about his career(s).

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I currently live and work in Washington, DC. It is a beautiful city, very clean and organized but kinda boring sometimes. Everybody is very formal and polite, which is awesome, but sometimes you need a little bit of excitement, especially if you’re coming from NYC. [Laughs] Working in DC has been so great for me; I’ve been working as a case manager immigration paralegal for almost three years. This is the right city to be in when you work with politics and law.

How long have you been modeling? And how did you become a fashion model?

I’ve been modeling since 2015. Becoming a model was a dream come true and a goal I had on my mind since I was a child. I could not make this dream come true or at least realize that I had the potential to do it until I moved to the US from my country Venezuela. Growing up in Venezuela was not easy; being there made me push back and hold this dream for fear of being rejected or judged by people around me.

You have done numerous photoshoots. Which one is your most memorable?

Early November 2020, I had the opportunity to work with an amazing NYC photographer and filmmaker (Emmy nominee/ GLAM winner) called Brian Thomas. I particularly loved this photo/filming shoot because, besides the spectacular images, I had the opportunity to express in a short video interview my opinion as an immigrant on the current situation in America before the election. We talked about immigration laws, racism, equality, and I had the chance to give my message to those immigrants in the US to keep fighting for their dreams and stay strong despite the uncertainty. It was really rewarding for me to support my community and serve as an example that when you are committed to your dreams, the sky is the limit regardless of race, religion, skin color, or sexual orientation.

What do you enjoy most and least about being a model?

What I love the most about being a model is that you’re constantly working on yourself (mentally and physically) also, gaining the ability to interact and socialize with others easily.

The least I like about being a model is when sometimes people assume that you are just a pretty face, and that’s it. There’s nothing else, but no, not in my case. [Laughs] That’s why I always try to show people that I work within the modeling industry with my smart and humble side. To let them know that we are just not a pretty face.

As a fashion model, you are always wearing designer clothing on a shoot. But what is your personal style that you feel most comfortable in?

Less is more.

Few of us can achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

I honestly have to thank every single photographer, designer, and stylist that I have worked with. Every single one has positively impacted my career and helped me to be where I am now.

What are your “3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a Model” and why?

  1. Don’t be scared of your height
  2. You are unique
  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself

You are also a lawyer and an immigration paralegal. How do you find time for modeling?

Lawyer by day, model by night. [Laughs] What I usually do is I tried to schedule all my shootings/castings, etc., at the weekend so I have the time to travel to NYC and slay the camera! If there are any shootings scheduled during the weekdays, I tend to request those days in advance. Organization and responsibility is the key to success!

You also have an incredible body. How do you stay in shape?

OMG! This the most challenging part indeed. I usually buy online training programs to help me with my routine and to achieve my fitness goals. I work out six days a week, rest one; cheat day is usually Sundays where I allow myself to eat what I want ( I love donuts). From Monday to Saturday – low carbs diet with the right amount of protein. Diet and cardio are your best friends.

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