Only Exception, photography by Liza van de Ven for HUF Magazine

“When I was telling my best friend about the concept of Only Exception, Paramore’s song “The Only Exception” came on and suddenly it all made sense. This concept is a blend of my previous works. It’s about changes, things that have happened and how you get yourself together in order to go on. On your own. You have processed all these things that happened, that’s done. And that, is The Only Exception. It’s the strength to go on, despite everything. The changes that occur between summer and autumn are a good metaphor. It’s about how you combine your past (Summer) with your future (Autumn). That’s powerful, it’s the Only Exception you make and nobody can stop you.”Liza van de Ven

Photography & Styling: Liza van de Ven
Hair and makeup: Margaret Schraven
Models: Dirkje Jeuken @ Cachet Models, and Sarah Al Kaissi