Pattern Nation Campaign, photography by Roshini Kumar

Radical, a creative collaboration between Roshini Kumar from Mumbai, India and Cydney Eva from Vancouver, Canada, two quirky unicorns spreading their colour and social ideas so much so they met just for a few minutes and it was enough to know they had to work together. They met properly one day before this shoot to bring upon this art piece having Pattern Nation’s (Cydney’s clothing and accessory line) garments and accessories along with Roshini Kumar’s creative direction and photography.

The shoot is to represent individuality, self-expression, inspire and encourage people to be themselves no matter what colour, size, shape, sex, tastes, etc. and be proud off it. The shoot also shows women being bold, confident, comfortable and content with themselves and their skin regardless of how their surroundings may be or what people may think; something the collaborators themselves follows very strongly.

Creative direction, photography and post-production: Roshini Kumar
Clothing and accessories: Pattern Nation
Models: Priya Banerjee, Nimisha Dean and Shrujana