Philipp Lichtenfeld Collection, photography by Ralf Michalak

“Since my childhood I have been passionate about drawing and painting, my interest in fashion awoke with the ambition of my mother in sewing clothes for herself. in order to learn how to sew and draw I started my apprenticeship in tailoring. After that I started studying fashion.

Inspired by designers like Rei Kawakubo, I create my own unique ability to communicate with forms. In the end I’m always looking to make something that didn’t exist before.

In this work with the title “second view” I focus on transformation the usual into the unusual. Furthermore I deal with aspects in recognising different perspectives. How to shape the body into another space while you

turn the neck hole, for example of a jacket into a sleeve. At least my collection create a new form of nonverbal communication.”Philipp Lichtenfeld, Designer

Photographer: Ralf Michalak
Designer: Philipp Lichtenfeld
Make Up: Romy Bott
Models: Marissa Lee and Jacqueline Diermeier