Rain Of Rose Quartz, photography by Shari Ruzzi

” In my Second Bachelor collection I was involved with the psychological world of a girl in puberty transforming into a young woman. She is losing childhood-innocence and therefore experiences puberty as a deep crisis, but with a certain sense of humor, of course. My work was influenced by the french film “Naissance de Pieuvres” by Céline Sciamma, the ambiguous erotic drawings of Egon Schiele, swimming pool surroundings and tiles in general, contemporary female artists such as Rineke Dijkstra, Rebecca Bird, Marlene Dumas and Tracey Emin and also by my personal first experiences during childhood and puberty.

Concrete topics of the collection were insecurity, narcissism, search for identity, menstruation, homosexual tendencies, masturbation and pregnancy. The type of girl representing the collection has a slender preadolescence body, she is waifish and vulnerable, seems lost in this world, peculiar, neurotic, stubborn and eccentric. This specific girl incarnates the broken but strong child in all of us. With this collection I intend to make fashion for women who remain non-conformist and free-spirited, also while living an adult-life.

For my shape-research in fashion history, I studied traditional women’s wear, especially the minimalistic and elegant designers of the 50’s and 60’s, such as Yves Saint Laurent’s early designs, the timeless Chanel-suits, as well as Christobal Balenciaga’s fancy dresses and coats. Based on the extreme transformations of the teenager’s body during puberty, the silhouettes have lots of volume and exaggerate certain body-proportions in order to create a feminine playful look.” – Anna Kaschel, Designer

Photographer & Editing: Shari Ruzzi
Makeup & Hair: Crystal Die
Designs: Anna Kaschel
Graphics: Crystal Die
Models : Romi Van Rentergem @ Dominique Models & Clem @ IMM