Royal Vintage Shoes

The Beauty of New Retro by Samantha Mason

High-quality vintage shoes are a rare find. By their very nature shoes are worn, loved, danced in and well, ruined – meaning truly wearable vintage pairs are scarce. Some modern designs have vintage echoes but often lack authenticity or quality. Just what is a vintage loving girl to do?

The answer comes in the shape of Royal Vintage Shoes – and oh what a shape that is. This collection of lovingly recreated vintage and retro designs includes some of the most gorgeous around. Concentrating on the 1920s, 30s, and 40s – these carefully crafted shoes feature luxe materials and period designs that will capture your heart.

Bringing Glamour Back

The period of the 1920s through to the late 1940s was the last great age of formal wear. Dressing up was something regular people did every day, which made everyday fashion incredibly striking. Then the rock and roll era swept formal sensibilities away and fashion was forever transformed. In the modern age of jeans, sweatpants and casual everything, it’s nice to capture some of this vintage glamour and magic. This is what Royal Vintage Shoes bring to the table – wearable glamour to brighten your everyday look.

The Royal Vintage Story

Royal Vintage was founded on the passion of historical costumer and blogger, Lauren Stowell who poured her love of all things vintage into the amazing Royal Vintage collection. Lauren is also the founder of American Duchess – a historical footwear brand specializing in everything from Edwardian pumps to Renaissance heels. Royal Vintage opened its online doors in 2015 and has been producing shoes to fall in love with ever since.

Lauren’s partner in crime and vice president is Abby Cox. Abby is an expert in dress history with an impressive academic background and some awesome sewing skills. With their combined background in historic dress and love for seriously gorgeous clothes and shoes, there is no vintage task this pair can’t handle.

Lauren and Abby are currently working together on a book called ‘The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking’ which brings 18th-century patterns and designs to your fingertips (and sewing machine). With a straightforward, easy to follow approach, the guide has projects for every skill level.

Royal Vintage has proved a hit with filmmakers and directors across the media and arts. Royal Vintage Shoes have graced the stage at the New York Met and Globe Theatre, even making an appearance on The Walking Dead!

How to Wear

The beauty of great retro design is you can play with how you wear. Of course, these perfectly balanced designs will add polish to your carefully sourced period outfit but they also look great with modern looks. Pair these jazz age, Susie Saddle Shoes with your favorite tailoring for an easy work day look. Or add some 1940s Marilyn Pumps to your after dark wardrobe. We promise you won’t find a prettier (or more comfortable) pair of dancing shoes. The main problem when it comes to Royal Vintage is deciding just which beautiful pair of shoes to invest in first.

Connect with Royal Vintage Shoes on Social Media

If you love vintage styling then you need to connect with Royal Vintage online – their beautifully framed fashion shots providing equal parts inspiration and shoe lust. Now with over 100,000 followers between Royal Vintage Shoes and American Duchess, there is also a thriving vintage loving community around the brands. Find them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and their blog.

Not discovered Royal Vintage Shoes yet? Take a peek today on their website and fall in love.

Photographers: Lauren Stowell, Chris Stowell and Abby Cox
Styling: Miss Royal Vintage, Terra Williams and Nicole Jackson
Makeup and hair: Amanda Landrum, Lauren Stowell, Miss Royal Vintage, Terra Williams and Nicole Jackson
Models: Rachel Huffman, Amanda Landrum, Abby Cox, Tina Vines, Lauren Stowell, Terra Williams, Nicole Jackson and Elspeth Summers