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Height: 5’10” or 1.78m | Waist: 25 inches | Pant size/Hips: size 2 or 35 inches | Chest: 32B | Bust: 32 inches | Shirt: XS or S | Shoes: Size 10 US, 41 EU, or 8 UK | Eyes: Green | Hair: Strawberry blonde

Based in Ontario, Canada. Sam Blair has only been modeling since the fall of 2020, and she is already a rising star in the modeling world. She was scouted while having drinks with her mom, so modeling was never something she thought about doing. With the support and encouragement from her family and friends, Sam took the opportunity. And now her life has changed completely. HUF Magazine had a chance to speak with Sam to learn more about her.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I have always and currently, live in Ontario, Canada. I usually just say Toronto as I am close enough to the city and not many people know what the smaller surrounding cities are haha. I do most of my modeling work in the city, with a few exceptions (taking advantage of some of the beautiful landscapes here!). I enjoy the city as a whole, I feel quite safe and having been here my whole life can navigate it easily! I will say, after visiting places like London I wish we had better transit! As much as I love Toronto I do realize it is not the most high fashion market so I am looking forward to exploring Europe and New York with this career!

How long have you been modeling and how did you become a model?

I have been modeling since the fall of 2020! I was scouted by my mother agency which I will go into detail about later on!

Do you remember your very first professional photoshoot? What was it for? Were you happy with the result of your shoot?

I do! I think I always will as it is what started everything. My first shoot was actually an editorial for HUF! I had the pleasure of working with my mother agent Alkan Emin as the photographer so it made my first shoot very comfortable for me! I remember getting there and having my make-up done by Elena Pacienza and feeling like a celebrity as I have never had my make-up professionally done before! The same feeling went along with having my hair done by Mandy MacFadden and being styled (something I thought was reserved for the rich and famous!) by Ream Boucharaf. It was such a fun day and felt very professional, like I was at work but also having a ton of fun!

You are currently signed by ME. Models Management. How did that happened? Did you approach the agency or were you scouted?

I am! And it has been the best experience I could have asked for. I was actually scouted in my small hometown, Milton! My mom and I were having drinks and Alkan and Paul approached me. Funny enough I was hesitant to reach out to them afterwards, but once I looked into them a bit more and my family encouraged me I met with them and my life literally changed completely!

How do you feel about getting published in magazine publications?

It can be very hard to describe this feeling sometimes, it is surreal and insane but also very cool and makes me feel proud. The modeling industry was very new to me when I started out and it always feels like a dream (as cheesy as it is!) when I see my work in publications!

What does your families and friends think about you being a model? Do they support you?

I have the best support group ever! My family and my boyfriend are so supportive of everything. They always want to see sneak peaks at stuff haha. Traveling was something I was worried about as my boyfriend and I have never done long-distance but he has been so supportive through it all- he even sent me flowers alllllll the way from Canada while I was on stay in London! My friends are just as supportive! They share my work on their social media and always ask me about modeling. I am so grateful for them all.

If you can be the face of a brand, which brand would it be and why?

If I could be the face for any brand I think it would be CELINE. I have a number of designers that I love and find extremely talented but I think CELINE stands out to me the most is that I find it to coincide with my personal style a great deal. With that being said I feel I be very comfortable in their shows, campaigns or anything and I think I thrive when I am wearing something I truly feel myself in. CELINE is known for their loose fitting garments and neutral colour palette, and if you know me you know thats alot of my own wardrobe!

What would be your ultimate goal as a model?

My ultimate goal would be to open a CELINE show as I love the brand (as mentioned above haha). In a more general sense I would just love to continue seeing the world and gaining lifelong expereicnes I truly feel I would not have without this career. So to sum up, my goal is essentially to go all the way? To truly succeed in this industry and hopefully one day, open for CELINE.

How do you stay in shape? What’s your training routine? What’s your typical diet?

I stay in shape by going to the gym about 4-5x a week depending on my schedule. I focus majority on cardio as I enjoy running as a form of exercise and usually weight train afterwards keeping the weights low and reps high! I also walk my (very adorable) puppy everyday, and I work part-time in a cafe so I am on my feet a lot of the day, helping lead an overall active lifestyle! I would like to think my diet follows the idea of 80% good healthy foods and 20% indulgences. A typical day would be Greek yogurt, granola and some berries for breakfast, lunch varies, for simplicity, a turkey sandwich and side salad (fun fact! I hate all salad dressing and usually eat it plain or with oil & vinegar lol), dinner varies as well but usually a stir fry/curry of some kind with chicken and rice! Snacks are either bananas/apples & peanut butter, hummus and pita chips, or energy balls. When I do indulge in things I go for savoury or salty! And obviously enjoy my white wine or margarita on occasion.


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