Sidewalk Studio, photography by Georgia Wallace for HUF Magazine

“For this project my team and I set up a studio along Venice Boardwalk and invited people off the street to be styled and photographed. The images shot that day are a celebration of diverse beauty and look to broaden the scope of faces and bodies we see in fashion imagery. As much as this project was about creating a celebratory and refreshing set of fashion images it was also about the experience of our subjects. We wanted each person to feel valid, seen and like they belonged in the glossy pages of a magazine or towering high on a billboard.”Georgia Wallace, Photographer and producer

Photographer and producer: Georgia Wallace
Stylist: Chainé Leyendecker and Scarlet Mareno
Makeup: Heather Rose Harris
Hair: Kelly Peach
Models: Jay Sosnicki @ The Cocks band, Gina Porter, Kody Harms, Ivet Abiassi, River Young, Arlene Sherren, Desiree Parr and Makayla Svszka
All garments from PYT Vintage