Special Edition – HUF Magazine PRIDE 2015 Out Now!


Pride season is well and truly underway, a time for celebration and reflection.

Pride celebrates the warmth and diversity of the LGBTQ community. Much can be learned from these events across the globe. We can reflect on the progress of the community movement; the lives changed. We can talk to people who still need all of our help and we can consider the journey ahead together.

And Pride reminds us all – whatever our orientation – of how much stronger we are, together.

Sadly, internationally, Pride can be a very different experience for some: driven underground, or in the face of open hostility and persecution. HUF Magazine will continue to promote international human rights without exception – so good people can stand proud, without fear of persecution.

Pride season lasts just a few months each year. We must not forget our roles in the journey ahead to ensure that all people are treated with dignity.

You might stand up to bullying and teasing, fundraise for community outreach, volunteer for mentoring, or step up as a role model in your workplace and community.

Whatever you do, you’re part of an important movement. Remember, only the sky’s the limit. We can all make things better. And things are changing for the better good.

We’ve had a great time interviewing and gathering exciting editorials to celebrate love is love – no labels, no discrimination – love is an expression of hope – be who you are and love those around you. This issue featured two exclusive interviews – Mike Ruiz, one of the most celebrated fashion photographer in the US, and YouTube sensation Davey Wavey. Also featured in this issue are nine exclusive creative editorials that will inspired you.

Enjoy the rest of this spectacular Pride season, we’ve lots to celebrate and even more to think about. Thank you so much for all of your support.

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