Submission FAQ

Submission FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can submit to HUF Magazine?
Anyone can, whether you are a stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer, PR, marketing manager, agent…etc. as long as you have the permission from the copy-right holder. (*Please note that by submitting your work to us, we assumed that you also have the permission from everyone to have the work publish. (i.e. makeup artist, hair stylist, stylist, model, artist …etc))

Why should I submit my work to HUF Magazine?
HUF Magazine has readers from all over the world. We are here to give opportunity to those who would like to expose their work internationally, to show others what they’ve got. To be recognize as some of the best creative people in the world.

What criteria do you have for submission for print and for on-line?
For our print issue, there are 2 main criteria:

  • All images submitted should be new and totally unpublished. They MUST NOT be published anywhere before. (‘Published’ includes any social media web-site, personal websites, the internet, magazines, newspaper and press releases, etc.)
  • For fashion editorial submissions, each image MUST FEATURE DIFFERENT CLOTHING. (Min. 6 outfits). (*Please note that fur or any endangered items such as tusks will not be allowed)
  • For beauty editorial submissions, each image MUST FEATURE DIFFERENT LOOKS. (Min. 6 looks).

For on-line submission, it doesn’t have to be totally unpublished. It can be editorial that has already been published and you would like more exposure. It can be look-book, advertising campaign…etc. If you are submitting new fashion or beauty editorial for our on-line publication, we do ask to have a min. of 4 different outfits/ looks. (*Please note that high resolution tear sheet is NOT available for on-line publication.)

Do you accept submission via Google Drive and One Drive?
No, we do not accept submissions via Google drive and One Drive. Having to click on each individual links, which open each individual tabs to review one image at a time takes a lot of unnecessary time. You can use neither Dropbox or WeTransfer. However, we would prefer low res. image files or a single PDF attached to your submission e-mail. *Please note, we do not accept submissions via any social media neither.

Do you allow nudity?
NO. HUF Magazine does not publish any images containing nudity. No nipples are allow to be show for female models, this include see-through tops.

Do you allow fur?
NO. HUF Magazine is STRONGLY against the use of real fur for styling. We do allow faux fur but only with minimal use. Best with no fur at all.

What do you look for in editorial submissions?
We look for originality, high quality of work and high level of creativity in terms of makeup, hair, styling and photographic style.

Do you pay for commission work?
HUF Magazine is still a relatively new magazine and we are not in a position to pay for any commission work yet. Hopefully we will be able to do so in the near future.

Can you provide Pull Letter for our stylist?
We can provide a Pull Letter upon request. However, you MUST have at least 1 editorial published in our PRINT issue first in order to qualify a Pull Letter from us. This is to ensure that we are confident in your work and you will delivered what we want.

How many pages will you provide for editorial publish in the print issue?
We normally provide 8 – 10 pages for editorial submissions but in some cases we do provide up to 14 pages. We do recommend that you should submit at least 8 -10 images so we have the options to choose the best images for publication.

What is your specification if my work is accepted for the print issue?
Here are the information and specifications we will require:

1. Images must be in 300 dpi JPEG format
2. Full team credit and clothing credit for all images
3. A title for your editorial.
4. No logo or watermark is allow on any of the submitted images. (Everyone will be credited)

What is your specification if my work is accepted for on-line publication?
Here is the information and specifications we will require:

1. Images to be in 100 dpi.
2. Images to be with 1000 pixel on the longest side.
3. Full credit for all clothing and the team.
4. No logo is allow on the photos. (Everyone will be credited)
5. Files in jpeg only.

How can I get on the cover of HUF Magazine print issue?
Close to the date that a new issue comes out, each of our editorial team member will pick an image, from editorials that have been accepted for that particular issue, which we think will look the best as a cover. Our editorial team will then vote for their favorite from the selection. Images with the least votes will be filtered out. We will repeat the same procedure until only one image is left and that image will become the issue cover. This means that, anyone who has their editorial accepted in our print issue can be on the cover.

Do you provide free print copy?
No, we do not provide free print copy. HUF Magazine is very keen in helping the environment. Unlike many other magazines, we do not over-print. We understand that many people will request a print issue just to tear out their pages and throw the rest of the magazine in the bin. Wasting resources and destroying the forest for just a few pages is not acceptable. Also, unlike many other magazines, which often contain over 50% adverts, HUF Magazine has no advert at all (100% contents). So we don’t have the funding to subsidized the cost of giving out any copies.

We pride ourselves as a collectable publication, proud to grace the finest coffee table and bookshelf. We only produce the exact number of print issue to our exact number of print issue subscribers. If your work has been published in our print issue, we will provide you with high resolution PDF tear sheet, which you can print them out for your portfolio.

Where can I purchase a copy of HUF Magazine?
HUF Magazine is an international magazine and we aimed to be made available to everyone worldwide. The easiest way to do so is via our web-site. You can order your copy of HUF Magazine on our “HUF-in-print” page on our web-site. With the option to purchase a digital copy or a print copy. (Print copy is available in standard magazine edition or hardcover edition). 

How do I submit my work to HUF Magazine for review?
You can send your submission in low resolution to: [email protected], our team will review your submission and respond accordingly. If your submission is not suitable, we may at our discretion refer it to another publication in our company for consideration.