Sunday Turfing, photography by Roxane Moreau for HUF Magazine

Feeling nostalgic of the 70’s and Belmondo’s sense of style, we decided, on a horse racing Sunday, to open the doors of the Auteuil hippodrome to get a feel of the intriguing and exciting atmosphere of the world of turf and its bettors. Inspired by cinematographic codes style of the Epsom Gentleman and Jean-Garbin’s attitude, Jerome, our model, enjoying a cigar between his teeth, invites us to blend with this timeless atmosphere of horse racing which hasn’t lost its authenticity overtime. A gentle immersion in the world of jockeys where we have been able to discover this incredible place, filled with emotions and sometimes being shoved by enthusiasts and professional bettors when the races started. With this work, we invite you to relive this exceptional day.

Photographer: Roxane Moreau
Stylists: Cyrielle Lebreton and Alexandre Delattre
Makeup: Sony Alvarez
Model: Jérome Adamoli