Kavian Paris

Kavian Ghassemy Haute Couture Creations

Kavian Ghassemy offers here the futuristic vision of his haute couture creations Kavian Paris with the help of the Geneva photographer Daniel Calderone and the French model Annchal. A luminous trajectory of femininity, imbued with exuberant aesthetics and astonishing purity, is emerging through his universe. In addition, a shoot under […]

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Kavian Paris Advertising Campaign

Born in Teheran in 1985, from a well-known noble family, Kavian Ghassemy-Amjady is a passionate German-Persian designer and artistic director residing in Paris since 2008. He holds a University degree from Esmod International Art & Fashion University Paris, specializing in Fashion Design and haute couture Costumes. Kavian gained significant experience […]

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