The Cage campaign by IA London

BY IA LONDON – Artistic Avantgarde Womenswear

Performed by the model and performance artist Alex Bruni, “The Cage” is allegory of the ageing and social stereotypes attributed to it. The performance rebels against age biases, replacing them with passion, strength and beauty. Alex starts dancing with a heavy burden of clothes that limits her body and imprisons her mind. As she persists, the layers fall apart, until she is free.


IA LONDON is a British Avantgarde fashion brand, delivering artistic content in the form of distinctive looking garments an accessories.

Our design process begins with a series of original artworks, created by the founder and hand-painted digitally directly on the pattern. These paintings become the surface of IA’s garments and define their distinctive appearance.

IA London is a privately held company, founded in 2017 by Creative Director Ira Avezov, with a vision to pioneer the transition to fully-personalised fashion by offering a variety of authentic print options on individual garments to discerning customers worldwide.

The Brand is headquartered in Cambridge. Collections are printed and manufactured via a scalable Evesham- and London-based production facility and then distributed by a growing number of Global stockists.

Diversity and inclusiveness are important parts of the IA London culture. Brand’s Runway shows and photoshoots pay tribute to models of all ages and ethnicities, including Grey, Modest and children.

Environmental awareness all our fabrics are printed using a more environmentally aware process of digital textile printing. Its reputation as the eco-friendlier of the printing processes (in compare to traditional printing and dyeing methods) is predominantly measured through the reduced amount of waste inevitably produced. Our fabrics are printed using Azo dye free certified inks, many fabrics also have a OEKO-TEX certification or are to European REACH standards.

Ethical manufacturing our garments and accessories are manufactured in the U.K. by the companies with proven reputation for ethical labor standards and excellent working environment.