The Gaijin, photography by Akihiko Yokoi for HUF Magazine

The Gaijin – An Exploration of Japanese Noir

“A gunshot rings out on a foggy night. A mysterious man smoking a cigarette watches from afar. A P.I. tries to sneak a snapshot of his mark.

Quite like Japanese fashion, Japanese filmmakers love taking chances and combining styles you wouldn’t instantly think would be a good fit.

Films like “Tokyo Drifter,” “Youth of the Beast,” and “The Bad Sleep Well” didn’t just challenge the rules of noir, they featured stunning and defining fashion choices. Saturated with texture and style, these movies were as stylish as they were fascinating.

With fashion inspired by Japanese Noir, Award winning actor and model Christopher McCombs and photographer Akihiko Yokoi take us on a journey of side glances and shadows through the alleyways of Nakano, a current hub of underground and subculture in Tokyo.”

Photographer: Akihiko Yokoi
Stylist: Haruki Koshinaka
Grooming: Yusaku Ishimaru
Actor/Model: Christopher McCombs @ Freewave Entertainment