The Story Of Walu & Ngalindi, photography by Danny Khoo for HUF Magazine

The Yolngu People say that Walu, the Sun-woman, lights a fire each morning, which we see as the dawn. She then lights a torch and carries it across the sky from east to west. Throughout the night travels underground back to her starting camp in the east.

They also tell of Ngalindi, the Moon-man, was once young and slim (the waxing Moon), but grew fat and lazy (the full Moon). His wives chopped bits off him with their axes (the waning Moon); to escape them he climbed a tall tree, but died from the wounds (the new Moon). He rose again after 3 days to repeat the cycle.

Photographer: Danny Khoo
Makeup: Kyle Murray and Anthony Prum
Hair: Blake Anderson
Stylists: John-Alex, Shaw-Tanner and Cindy Watkins
Operation Manager: Aaron Davey
Clothes: ReWorked Man Woman
Models: Kyle D’Antoine, Isaac Mann, Eugenia George, Taylah Ann Narrier, Tecara Turvey @ MCI / Model Co. International
Location: Australia