“Sometimes it’s a lot easier to point out the faults of others than take a look inwards. My new single, “Therapy,” is all about that self-exploration.

This song is about taking responsibility through recognizing our own weaknesses and downfalls.

Self-love is one of the most important practices we can engage in. “ Therapy ” is by far the most confident I’ve felt as an artist in delivering something that is authentically me.

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I’ve always been really open about my own mental health struggles, including the self sabotage aspect, which I’ve been recognizing and fighting against. I think it’s important to start normalizing these words and actions.

“ Therapy ” is really the start of a new fresh sound for me. I’ve always really liked working in trilogies and this is the start of a new one. There is a new self understanding and confidence that I hope you will really pick up on as you listen.” – Theo Tams

Photography by Chelsea Brimston