W Hotel Osaka Opens its Doors in Osaka, Japan

Designed by concrete.

Celebrating the true spirit of the city!

Situated on Midosuji Boulevard, a new 27-story landmark high-rise, designed by Nikken Sekkei and with a Tadao Ando supervised facade, is the home of Japan’s first W Hotel. Don’t be deceived by its simple black monolith design – inside hides a world of extravagance! Its interior is inspired by the many facets of the city, welcoming guests to experience Osaka, through the eyes of concrete.

The true spirit of Osaka

Every W Hotel is designed for its specific location – with foreign designers invited to offer the fresh perspectives of an outsider. For W’s first hotel in Japan, concrete absorbed the sites, sounds, flavors and thrills of Osaka. From the simple beauty of the cherry blossoms and gingko trees lining the Midosuji Boulevard to the vibrant neon and busy streetscape of Osaka’s nightlife district Dotonburi. Concrete found inspiration in both the simple and traditional, as well as the modern, obsessive and extravagant and created a design concept of extravagant simplicity – celebrating the true spirit of the city.

The social heart – living room & bar

In a standard hotel, the first thing guests see is the check-in counter. Instead, when exiting the lift, W Osaka guests immediately see the bar, the social heart of the hotel. To connect and separate the spaces that serve the W Osaka guests on this floor – like an endless shoji screen – a continuous white, sheer curtain with sharp origami-style pleats flows from here to there and around again.

Guests are welcome to relax (and people-watch) in the hotel’s Living Room – half indoors, and half outdoors. Above the indoors lounge floats a wild cloud of rectangular lamps, hanging vertically and horizontally, at various heights. White zigzag “neon” lights shine through the translucent acrylic forms, in a desaturated homage to Osaka’s electric nightlife scenery. It’s like the colors of the neon have dripped on top of the furniture, and are arranged from purple to pink to orange to yellow to blue to green.

Restaurant oh.lala…

The interior design for this French themed bistro-diner draws its inspiration from traditional copper pots and pans, as well as the typical Breton blue and white striped shirt. Along the wall stainless steel shelves are styled with unique porcelain objects decorated in blue dots – combining traditional French shapes & colors with the circle obsession of W Osaka. Adding sparkle from above, are clouds of small ball pendant lights, suspended at different heights within the waves of the curtain.

The WET deck, bar & courtyard

Inspired by the Japanese love for nature, the WET area is characterised by smooth walls and round corners. The endless line of the horizon is the simplest abstraction of nature. This line becomes a playful element connecting all the spaces on this floor, as a chrome horizon flows along the walls. Each area has its own character – color-coded in shades of green, grey, blue or pink tiling – defining the space’s function.

Open to the elements, with views of sky, W Osaka’s WET courtyard is an oasis, with live planting trailing down the walls of the atrium. From its elevated position on the horizon line, the pool forms a blue backdrop to this area. Directly adjacent to the courtyard, guests can grab a cocktail at the WET bar.

The guest rooms

The color theme of the guest rooms alternates per floor, between sakura pink and blue – allowing guests to choose the color they prefer. The rooms consist of an open plan, with the living room, sleeping zone and bathroom separated by a contemporary glass shoji screen. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in natural light and amazing views of the city. A wall made of grey tinted 2-way mirrors conceals an ‘escape’ lighting feature. When turned on, it transforms the room with dramatic pink or blue diagonal stripes, inspired by Osaka’s neon. Another surprise is locked away behind the walnut doors of the closets. Famous for their gamer’s pixel art, eBoy graphic designers created a “pixorama” of Osaka, filled to the brim with the city’s famous landmarks in full pixilated color.

bathroom: Having a semi-open bathroom offers guests the level of privacy they prefer – with the option of closing off the bathroom from the sleeping area – using the contemporary shoji screen. The entire bathroom is clad in grey marble. Guests can either enjoy a good hot soak in the white, freestanding tub – or use the separate shower, located behind grey tinted glass doors.

sleeping zone: In the center of the room, walnut flooring demarcates the sleeping zone. A walnut ledge runs across wall, extending into the living room. This holds the king bed, bedside tables and black cone lamps – as well as the living room sofa. Behind the ledge, soft uplighting illuminates a white plaster wall. A round, rice paper lamp, inspired by Japanese fans, subtly glows on the wall. At the foot of the bed is a large tatami pouf.

living room :The 3rdarea, the living room, is defined by soft carpet in a gradient pattern running from pink (or blue) to grey. Each room has a sofa, 2 bar stool and a walnut cocktail bar, which can also serve as a desk. The main purpose of the bar is enjoying cocktails of course! The bar extends into a niche lined with reflective, rainbow colored dichroic film, with a mirror backsplash.

EWOW suite

High above Osaka, on the 27thfloor, the Extreme Wow suite looks out over – and beyond – the skyline of the city. Inspired by traditional Japanese homes, the suite was designed in a sequence of 5 rooms divided by deep, oak portals with sliding shoji screens that can be used to close off or open up the different rooms. 

The overall design is based on the duality of simplicity and extravagance, allowing guests to change the atmosphere of the suite. Whether they desire an intimate and personal ambiance, or want to create a more extraverted setting for entertaining. 

So open up the secret karaoke booth, roll out the dj station, pick up that mic and let’s party!

About W Hotels Worldwide

Born from the bold attitude and 24/7 culture of New York City, W Hotels, part of Marriott International, Inc., has disrupted and redefined the hospitality scene for over two decades. Trailblazing its way around the globe, with more than 55 hotels, W is defying expectations

and breaking the norms of traditional luxury wherever the iconic W sign lands. With a mission to fuel guests’ lust for life, W ignites an obsessive desire to soak it in, live it up and hit repeat. The brand’s provocative design, iconic Whatever/Whenever service and buzzing

Living Rooms create an experience that is often copied but never matched. Innovative, inspiring and infectious, the brand’s super-charged energy celebrates guests’ endless appetite to discover what’s new/next in each destination, to see more, feel more, go longer, stay later. For more information on W Hotels, visit whotels.com/theangle

About Sekisui House

Founded in 1960, Sekisui House, Ltd. Is one of world’s largest homebuilders and an international diversified developer, with cumulative sales of over 2 Million homes. Based in Osaka, Sekisui House has over two-hundred consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates, over twenty-thousand employees and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange.

Sekisui House aims to create homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations. With “Love of Humanity” as its Corporate Philosophy, Sekisui House believes that homes should offer comfort, security and peace of mind for residents, while maintaining harmony with the environment and its surroundings. Sekisui House has sustainability as a core corporate target and is now the global leader in the construction of net-zero-energy homes with more than fifty-thousands of them built since the product was launched in 2013. In 2009, Sekisui House expanded into several new international markets and now operates in the United States, China, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom.

About concrete

Since 1997 concrete develops concepts in architecture, interior design, urban development and brand development. We work with a team of 50 multidisciplinary creatives for corporations and institutions. Next to W Osaka, Projects include W Hotels in London and Verbier, citizenM hotels worldwide, Zoku Lofts, Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, Mongkok Skypark, Andaz Munchen and more.

For more informatation, please visit www.concreteamsterdam.nl

All photos by Marriott International

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