Body In Motion

This lookbook is inspired by the uneven skyline of cities in contrast to a clear open landscape. Busyness v.s. tranquility.

Featuring bold brushstroke prints, reflecting the chaos in the city, with a hint of minimalist aesthetic in each look. Designed for empowering women with a strong but tender personality. The New York-based emerging label, Y.H, developed this collection based on the process of working from 2D on pattern to 3D body form and focus on the interactions between garments and form.

Art director: Stephanie YuHsuan Chen
Photographer: Anne Z Chen
Hair and makeup: Willie Huang
Stylist: Anne YuAn Chen
Assistant: Vita Chang
Model: Bianca Gavrilas

Y.H is a luxury sportswear brand that creates clothings shaping feminine bodies in a comfortable way. Designed in functional patterns, each piece is created to move. Combining high technology fabric bonding and precise pattern making, Y.H focuses on the interaction between garments and form. Color-blocking plays an important part of Y.H’s brand aesthetic, introducing different vibrant color palette combination in each collection.