Height: 6’2 | Weight: 195 pounds (~5% body fat) | Suit: 42R/L | Shirt: 16X34 | Shoe: 11 1/2 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Green

Ex- US Marine Corps veteran Zach Ahrensfield has only been modeling full time for a year and he is already on his way to the top. With his tall frame, chiseled look and a perfectly lean tattooed body, he definitely catches anyone’s eyes. With over 28k followers on instagram, Zach is currently signed with Independent Model Management in Milan, and LA Models.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?
I live in Altadena, CA and am in school full time. On the weekends I work for a company called ManServants (@manservants_co) which is like being a chivalrous bartender in a tux for bachelorette parties, birthdays and various other events. I have a lot of fun with where I work, and where I live. Right behind my house is Mt. Wilson, which is great for me because I enjoy running and hiking a lot!

Can you tell us about your modeling career?
My modeling career has been fun! Although I’ve only been doing it full-time for less than a year and started in Los Angeles, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of several great campaigns and have shot with celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Jeffree Star. Work is fun. It’s the in-between work that is the hard part. Going back and forth from casting to casting can be a little exhausting, but it’s worth it when you get the callback. I spent this last April and May in Milan, Italy, where I am also signed with an agency. It was hot, sweaty, and full of pasta, but I was very grateful to be able to experience the more fast-paced side of modeling that takes place in Milan. A lot of work, but you end up making a ton of new friends from all over the world! In retrospect, it was a good move in terms of a career. An abundant amount of networking opportunities and you have a lot of great photos to look back on and recollect. Modeling definitely has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Tell us about your tattoos?
The first tattoo I got is at the center top of my back. It represents my first Mixed Martial Arts school Tristate MMA. They are family to me, and it was the first thing I could think of that would be meaningful to get. There is meaning behind each and every tattoo I have but would take up this whole magazine to describe them all.

What was your most recent photoshoot and how did it differ from your very first?
My most recent photo shoot was actually a part of a commercial for a dating website. Very different but similar to my first modeling job considering it was a commercial as well, but it just so happened to be hand modeling for an Acura advertisement. [Laughs]

What’s it feel like modeling in front of friends, family, and the public?
I figured it would be weirder modeling in front of friends, family and the public, than it actually is. After a while, it becomes a lot more natural, and (not surprisingly) a lot of people actually find it cool.

Finally, how do you stay fit?
This is going to sound a little absurd, but I run mountains, do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and workout all the time… Two days a week – I run over 13 miles through Eaton Canyon in Altadena CA, and one day a week – I do a fast 7 mile run at the same place. I workout a minimum of 4 days a week in between my running days. On the day I only do 7 miles, I also lift. On top of this, I do Jiu Jitsu twice a week.

My typical diet consists of a lot of steak and eggs, as well as tons of fruits, vegetables and lots of healthy fats. I also do intermittent fasting, so I typically don’t consume any calories until 1 pm, and then I eat from 1 pm to 9 pm (usually only two big meals). This way of eating and exercising works well for me, and actually leaves me with a lot of energy, yet gives me the ability to relax and be stress-free afterward. I like to earn my downtime. I spent four years in the Marine Corps, so it has ingrained a lot of disciplined habits into me that I apply to everyday life!