Zack Lo 2017 Collection – In The Glimmer

About the collection

“As an artist, I have always been drawn to myth-making and storytelling. In the Glimmer was inspired by that alchemical moment, when you look into the shadows and suddenly see a flicker of light, the shine off of something mysterious that calls you closer. I often experience this in viewing a painting I have seen before and discovering a tiny new detail that expands my appreciation. Or watching a film, where something in the background overtakes my attention and makes that small experience the most important thing.”

“Fashion, like art, has its similar moments of illumination and voyeuristic desire. In the new pieces, I have attempted to capture this energy–of the proximity of elegance to the mystery. I have exclusively used the softness of suede in smoky or dreamy hues. Onto this palette, I have employed hand stitching in multi-colored threads and patterns with a variety of crystals. To this, I have added tassels, ties and three-dimensional appliques that supply additional structure and movement. I have intended the silhouette of each shoe to be shape shifting–to look different from the front, side or back so that what you are seeing never fully reveals the overall look. In the end, like characters in a play, I have given each design names like “Clouds over Venice” or “Diamond Sugar Cookies” to allow people to ponder one more piece of inspiration.”Zack Lo

Photographer: Matt LeCuyer @ Safari photography
Hair: Shanna Rae
Make-up: Kayla Volpe
Stylist: Cathleen King
Model: Angelee

About Zack Lo

Zack Lo is an internationally recognized couture shoe designer who has been prominently featured in fashion publications and broadcast media, and on runways around the globe. The extroverted elegance and attention-grabbing detail of his hand crafted heels make them a perennial favorite of editors, stylists and celebrities alike. “I start with an artist’s point of view,” he says, “and then I create pieces that I hope will speak to a woman’s sense of allure and empowerment.”

His debut collection, Voodoo Circus, captured the aesthetic of Carnaby Street vintage London with a twist of chic backstreet parties in Tokyo. His well received follow-up collections, Risk and Idol Empire, boldly combined sumptuous materials in exquisite yet wearable designs. Subsequent collaborations with notable apparel designers and celebrity stylists expended Lo’s oeuvre and helped bring his work to the forefront of the fashion industry.

“Beauty,” says the designer, “is an elegant interpretation of the past. I never want to compromise luxury or femininity just for the sake of style. I look for what has endured, and then I find inspiration in what feels fresh and new to me. My shoes are intended to give women choices that express how they feel–sexy, youthful, mysterious or sophisticated.”

Born in Ilan City, Taiwan, and educated in the London, Zack Lo now resides in the United States.