“Genuine Vegan” is a truly holistic fashion story that has it’s roots firmly embedded in our collective need, and desire, to create a more sustainable lifestyle.  It’s a dedication to cruelty free, green living profiling a collection by award winning, sustainable designer Lucy Mitchell that is both innovative and directional.  The garments are vegan and made from a considered mix of traditional natural fabrics such as organic cotton, through to high tech fabrics comprising hemp and hand innovated natural dyed raffia for her coat and bag profiled within her collection.

The story marries fashion with lifestyle as it offers a wink, a nod, or even a tip of the hat to the increasingly popular shift to “grow your own” in whatever available capacity; From country cottage garden to city balcony boxes.  (Something which really took off over lockdown as people had more time to play with). The humble vegetables serve as an interesting juxtaposition to the inherant glamour that we traditionally associate with fashion. Although when styled out of context, off the plate, are in themselves a feature: Beautiful in colour, texture and form. The tone of the story is quirky and fun.  It is not so much about looking pretty as it is about reflecting the urgent paradign shift that is determining our lifestyle choices in order that we can do all we can to halt, and ultimately reverse, the effects of man-made global climate change.

Photography, direction and styling: Sammy Baxter
Assistant: Ella Smith Philips
Model and styling: Zoe Deboer