Photographed by Greta Larosa, the fashion story is inspired by the novel by Dodie Smith “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1956). In a cloud of smog, bold and eccentric looks can be seen in the streets of the city. Dogs, our trusted friends, are an inspiration for the looks of the story, the spots become the main focus.

With the release of the disney film “Cruella ” directed by Craig Gillespie we can discover Emma Stone as a young Cruella De Mon. The original story, in live action, tells the birth and transformation of the iconic and evil character of The 101 Dalmatians. Estella is a young scammer with dark red hair, a bright and ambitious girl, determined to break into the world of fashion as a fashion designer.

Photographer: Greta Larosa
Stylist: Lorraine Betta
Makeup: Arianna Scapola
Hair and grooming: Sara Bergaglio
Models: Ginevra Salustri and Alessandro Chessa @ Boommodels
Dogs breeder: Michaela Falanga