HUF Magazine issue 61 is out now with our futuristic cover photography by @klausheinzler, model by @jansiegmund @modelwerk wearing a REX-M56CUSTOM helmet (only 20pcs available worldwide) designed by @machine56.

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with illustrator @leoniebosss, where she told us how she went from squatting in an abandoned apartment in Amsterdam after her graduation to becoming a print designer for a Dutch magazine, then getting her first paid job as an illustrator.

As with every issue, we feature creative and beautiful editorials by photographers and their team from all around the world. In this issue, we featured seven editorials by photographers such as @syagroosman, @klausheinzler, @lara_gilles, @guy_danieli_photographer, @ledenaskroz, @virginia_di_mauro and @pedjadenis. These editorials will inspire you tremendously. You have to see it to believe it!

Our Creative Profiling section introduces you to the creative people who you should get to know with. In this issue, we introduced you to four creatives; @mishimay – a fashion designer & prototyper from Bristol UK; @misterqlndn – a stylist, creative director and short film director from London UK; @waynenoir – a professional photographer, the editor-in-Chief of RION Magazine, a digital marketer and a graphic designer from Reading UK; and lastly @Iamstaji – a fashion and jewellery designer, a fashion stylist and creative director from Munich/Paris.

Don’t forget about our Design section, where we feature the latest design, architecture and lifestyle content.

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