HUF Magazine issue 68 out now, with our colourful cover photography by @antonio_guzzardo, featuring @gianmaria.giuliattini.

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with the incredible photographer @stoney_darkstone. He shared with us his story of how he went from a musician to a photographer. How he disdain his fellow photography student at art school to giving them utmost respect with what they do. His story is not only inspiring but also educational from what he learned with his experience.

As with every issue, we feature creative and beautiful editorials by photographers and their team from all around the world. In this issue, we featured editorials by photographers such as @jacquelinelipp_photography, @armandobranco_fic, Antonio Guzzardo, @Josecervantes_, @aliceakerblom, and @reinhardtkenneth. If creative inspiration is what you are looking for, then these are the editorials you must see.

Our Creative Profiling section introduces you to the creative people who you should get to know with. In this issue, we introduced you to six creative individuals; @mario_morales – a photographer, filmmaker, musician, producer and actor, who see beauty and sensuality in women; and the most sincerity in Children. @melodyrummelphotography – a photographer, who like to bring smile to all her clients by creating amazing images. @patricia_mullen_making_faces – a hair and makeup artist, who have lived and breathed the beauty industry for over twenty years. @roger_buerke – a photographer, who’s ultimate goal is to combine his passion for music and photography. @makeupartist_bperfect – A makeup artist, who always tells her students to follow their dream, and don’t follow those Instagram and YouTube “makeup artists/influencers”. Last but not least, @stavroschr – a full-time lawyer, part-time photographer, who use photography as a way to express himself.

And don’t forget about our Design section, where we feature the latest design, architecture, and lifestyle content.

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