Kavian Ghassemy Haute Couture Creations

Kavian Ghassemy offers here the futuristic vision of his haute couture creations Kavian Paris with the help of the Geneva photographer Daniel Calderone and the French model Annchal.

A luminous trajectory of femininity, imbued with exuberant aesthetics and astonishing purity, is emerging through his universe.

In addition, a shoot under the direction of the same photographer has brought together as artistic director Kavian Ghassemy the emerging trajectory of a promising young French singer Andréea Crovi.

This meeting between Kavian and Andréea initiates an artistic partnership between electro-pop music and a fashion trend, both innovative. Of this exceptional combination, should be born a new brand of women’s clothing announced for 2019.

Andreea’s picture of Kavian Paris’ ephigie should be the subject of the future cover of the singer’s upcoming extending play for March 2019.

The paths opened by these two extraordinary personalities are likely to create astonishment and the support of a wide audience during this year.

We invite you to discover in the coming months the fruits of their active collaboration. Innovative fashion and French music re-visited for sensory pleasure without borders.

Photographer: Daniel Calderon
Art direction, hair, makup and styling: Kavian Paris
Hair: Richard Chabanier
Makeup: Benedicte make-up
Models: Aanchal, and singer Andréea Crovi