written by Jamie Azzopardi – celebrity fashion stylist and culture blogger based in Australia

While 2020 was set to be “the year that changed the world”, I don’t think anybody thought that by changing the world they meant that we’d be in the current situation we face. And as we embrace each day and it’s news, the worlds lock-downs have seen much of the workforce turn their homes into makeshift workplaces for the current time. And with that comes the challenge of what is being dubbed the #WorkFromHomeUniform! It can be hard to find the motivation to get up every day and stay motivated while locked away. However, for those who are still lucky enough to be working (who would have ever thought that would be a phrase), it is imperative. Those of us who have no work, have been fired or made redundant, or are too young/old to be working these rules can still apply to you. As I believe it’s important, maybe now more than ever, to get up and make yourself ready for the day. Even if it’s only a trip to the kitchen, the bathroom, the lounge room, a little break in the back yard, front yard, or around the block. And that occasional heavenly trip to run an errand or better yet a top to the supermarket.

Looking good is a routine we have learned over generations to work into our everyday lives. While many of our regular routines are out the window, currently, they don’t have to be, but especially this one, because it’s proven to lift your spirits and help you tackle anything that the day has to throw at you! Now I know it seems a little hopeless in the current situation, given what we are facing: getting up, making an effort, and being positive. Still, honestly, we don’t have many other options; unfortunately, the reality is we all may be here for a while, and we all have to work. The sooner we make peace with our reality, the sooner we can use this time for good and for good changes in our lives, and the sooner we can start achieving a lot! Now I know that’s easier said than done as I too went through a little dip when I realised I couldn’t do my job, but since I have had an up-and-at-them spirit I have accomplished a lot (my room, my wardrobe, and house are clean, my emails are done and filed, I wrote almost 40 blogs and six new articles, I did the washing, mowed the lawn and bought groceries all while getting my day to day jobs done and helping my roomies through their isolation depressions). So I thought, why not make your life a little easier, and show you some comfortable yet work from home appropriate garments that can easily slip into your wardrobe and be constant go to while we ride out the storm from home!

The pieces I have chosen are simple yet elegant and allow for them to work with this seasons colours and trends. At the same time, they are comfortable enough to lounge and work in. While taking into consideration all of life’s little lily at home stresses, like having to exercise or go for a mid-day walk, a quick trip to run errands or buy the groceries, having to listen and look after the kids or teach them from home while working and even getting in some time in the garden, the shed, cleaning and finally some “me” time! These pieces are easy to wear and will keep you looking work appropriate in case someone video calls at a random point or a scheduled time and needs a work update. They also combine a range of variable colourways and options so no matter what you do for work or what your style is, there are some perfect pieces both for men and women that will keep you looking stylish, help you feel great and allow you to work and adjust to this current climate all at the same time!

Take a look below at my garments for your new #WorkFromHomeUniform and check out the amazing range of brands on offer to help you get through this hard time for all of us! Stay well, and I look forward to seeing, meeting and laughing with each of you after this is all said and done.