Presenting a collaboration with two Bay Area creatives, Ajok Deng and Herbert Victoria! Ajok is a social media influencer whom Herbert Victoria (fashion designer), found online expressing content of travel and fashion, which, correlates to the designer’s brand statement. Her profile presents exuberant engagement of international places she’s been, fashion she’s exhibiting, and even sharing her itinerary destination in her timeline. Herbert didn’t want to miss the chance of taking part in her next adventure. From a direct message on Instagram, he was fortunate to meet her here in San Francisco. From there they briefly introduced one another and right away, both were excited about working together. One thing that stood out from her content was the display of bright multi-colors. Herbert likes color, hence, this explains the reason for pastel color blocking presented in the design. Both are rising stars in the world of social media and its influencers. As stated by Herbert Victoria, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with her.”

“This dress was influenced by the visual art technique, Deco or Art Deco. I took a few color attributes from her Instagram post that gave me the color palette to use. Creatively, the dress is puzzled together piece by piece with pleated black trim inserted vertically to capture your eye and enhance the effect. The silhouette is a maxi trapeze halter made with a lightweight cotton twill of eight colors. I went this direction to suit her style but depict her Instagram content to what grasped my attention initially. Elastic stretch wide band waspie corset by Shengweiao purchased from Amazon.”Herbert Victoria, Fashion designer

Photographer: Dharmaraj Sriram
Clothing Designer: Herbert Victoria
Model: Ajok Deng