“Food such as fruit, vegetables, and meat has always been a major topic in still life photography. The symbolism of the food depends on whether the food is fresh or decaying.

In this series, I wanted to express the luxury through these images and what we can do with food, jewellery, fragrance, etc. We can make with fashion still life photography by mixing meat and jewelry.

Food in a still life often points out our mortality and the ephemerality of earthly existence. When the food is fresh and ripe, it can signify abundance, riches, and the upper class’s bounty. Decaying food can serve as a reminder of our own mortality and the inevitability of change.

I also put them in a bag as we buy meat in packages at the store. These pictures here come with meat and jewelry to express something very sumptuous as this kind of meat and jewelry are quite expensive. I am also a meat lover. I wanted this to be aesthetically pleasing by making the meat very attractive to look at, like making the person who will see these pictures wanting to eat the meat and all the food that’s around it.”

Photography and concept by Kevin Felicianne