In Ancient Greece, theater was one of the best examples of the expression of human emotions.

Actors wore a mask called prosopon (person in Latin), which had two functions: to create the aesthetics and identity of each character and to provide a penetrating and vibrant sound to the voice through a hole around the mouth, that is, to make it “resonate” (personare).

This photographic project is intended to serve as a theatrical mask, that is, to provide a voice to the people who want to make their identity and history visible through their aesthetics.

Photographer: Paula Diaz Marcos
Styling: Sara Filgueira
Makeup: Maria Lorain and Brais Garcia Martinez
Photographer’s assistants: Flavio Orsolato and Andrea Carilla
Models: Kaycee Migas, Octavia La Perla, Laura Corbacho, Gema Diaz Lara, Luna Aparicio and David Bumat