Blue-Red-Yellow – RYB colours – they’re primary colours in painting. The combination of these three colours are the base of arts, design, fashion world.

This editorial is divided in three parts:

blue vision – extrovert and introvert – with light-blue transparentsail.
red vision – extrovert and introvert – with red transparent sail.
yellow vision – extrovert and introvert- with yellow sail.

RGB – is a set of colorants or colored lights that can be combined in varying amounts to produce a gamut of colours.

Primary colors are conceptual (not necessarily real colors), and the abstract meaning of these colours can be connected with mathematical elements or with irreducible phenomenological categories in domains such as psychology and philosophy.

The phenomenon of three primary colours is based on a special perception of every colour’s meaning.

Photographer: Serghei Codrin
Styling: Natallia Baradziuk
Hair and makeup: Giulia Ronzoni
Post-production: Aleksandr Chervjakov
Model: Giulia Mancuso @ PG Management