Theme ”We are all in this together” talk about the time where we can help to each other, support and grow together. We are one, we are united, we are all connected like twin’s love. We can’t let fear control us. When “l” becomes “we” even illness become wellness (Malcolm X)

Photographer: Zuzu Valla
Brand: Two Point Two
Art direction and styling: TOW India
Makeup: Tracey Burgess
Hair: Chloe Taylor
Models: Leah & Chloe Barnes @ Kids London

About Two Point Two
Two Point Two is a genderless, all-inclusive, anti-conformist fashion label. It aims to create a third identity which stands for neither of the gender binaries and yet for both. So we incorporate the colours, details and silhouettes which might be categorically considered feminine or masculine and forms an amalgamation of both, thus blurring the line differentiating the two. We at Two Point Two understand and accept that anatomy differs among the genders but Two Point Two believes in uniting and celebrating these differences instead of restricting people based on them. The thinking of associating things with something obvious or stereotyping is what we want to annihilate. Two Point Two believes that beauty exists in every soul and it’s all about accepting and endorsing it as their own. We focus on the individual and not their gender, culture, race or size and support them to express their individuality through clothing even if it’s something unusual. Being “Typically Atypical’ is our motto. The raw thread work and applique embroideries as well as the asymmetry in our pieces, play on the ideology of “Beauty in Imperfection”. All the embroideries and thread work are done with the fabric waste from the process of production thus serving the purpose of sustainability. We work on a minimum wastage policy and use our samples to make bags, accessories, etc in forthcoming collections.

Two Point Two’s first collection got selected for Lakme Gen Next Award leading to our runway show at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, India. We showcased again at Lakme Fashion week the following season.

We won the prestigious Vogue Talents Award “Scouting for India” 2019 by Vogue Italia and FAD which led us to showcase our collection at the Vogue Talents Exhibit during Milan Fashion Week in September 2019. We also won the Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2018 for the Urbanwear Category in India.

Anvita Sharma, an Istituto Marangoni alumni, started Two Point Two in November 2017. Living in three different fashion capitals around the globe, she always incorporates various multi-cultural references and inspirations in all her collections. In January, Anvita Sharma and Akanksha Khurana started a fashion styling and production house called “The Other Way”, which is aesthetically quite fresh, youthful and experimental in terms of their vision of fashion.

The last season Two Point Two showcased at London Fashion Week on February 2020 with our collection “The Self” which celebrated individuality and supports expression of freedom specially in terms of gender in order to break the pre-existing social stereotypes and definitions. It embodies a reconceptualization of gender- less clothing, aspiring to refashion a world that breaks down the boundaries of gender and illuminating the very fluidity of it. It speaks about self-confidence inspite of all flaws and quirks. It is about finding perfection in the imperfections; about embracing one’s uniqueness and weirdness because that is what sets you apart from the rest. This is where we came across the profile of Zuzu Valla and the Barnes Twins and immediately fell in love. With just two days left for our travel back to India, we got in touch with them and there was an instant connection. The collaboration got executed quickly and smoothly. The creative wavelengths complimented each other perfectly.

About Zuzu Valla
Zuzu Valla is based in Ashford, Kent, originally come from Slovakia. At the age of 38, she is on the verge of defining her very own and recognisable signature photography style exploring multiple layers of distinct human beauty.

Zuzu’s work has been published in many respected online and print magazines as well as her work been exhibited around the world. Zuzu is still in progress developing her own style and growing as a person.