HUF Magazine issue 73 out now, with our beautiful cover photography by Karl Collins. Styled by Nicky Rybka Goldsmith. Makeup by Cassie Lomas and hair by Reuben Wood with model Veridiana Ferreira @ Storm London and Ford Models NY wearing a stunning antique hand embroidered Kimono from vintage circa 1820.

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with fashion photographer Zuzia Zawada. Although a late starter to the photography scene but her interest in photography started much earlier. Her keen learning attitude has provided her a great foundation with what it’s needed to become the professional photographer that she is today. Her interview provided some great advices to the those who aspire to become a successful photographer.

As with every issue, we feature creative and beautiful editorials by photographers and their team from all around the world. In this issue, we featured editorials by photographers (and their team) such as Tony Meda, Victoria Krundysheva, Angie Kremer, Karl Collins, JD Forte, Michael Daszynski and Daniel Bellqvist. If creative inspiration is what you are looking for, then you have to see what we have for you in this issue.

Our Creative Profiling section introduces you to the creative people who you should get to know with. In this issue, we introduced you to four creative individuals; Lalla Bronshtein – a celebrity stylist/ fashion designer, who’s eco-friendly collection can be found in the UK, New York, Japan and Italy; Coco Hirani – a makeup artist, who would love to do makeup for Marilyn Manson or Brooke Candy; Jolanta Pilinkaite – a designer/stylist, who has dedicated her life to fashion; and last but not least, Chris Yate – a runwau photographer and a father of four, who is ready to travel the world for his lifetime adventure.

And don’t forget about our Design section, where we feature the latest design, architecture, and lifestyle content.

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