Maxim Sachraj

Instagram : @maxim_sachraj

Height : 189cm | Waist : 83cm | Pants : 32 | Chest : 99cm | Shirt : Medium | Shoes : EU44/US10 | Eyes : Green/Brown | Hair : Brown

Maxim Sachraj is an international model, coach and media producer. Maxim started modeling in his teens and he has been published in many editorials and campaigns, as well as TV and fashion shows. HUF Magazine had an opportunity to speak with Maxim to find out more about him.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I have been traveling around the world for two years; therefore, I have not lived in one place. I move between different Airbnbs, Hotels, and friends places around the world. When I visit home (Hamburg, Germany), I usually stay with my family (parents). My base is Hamburg, and my next travel destination is Istanbul, Turkey! Germany is a great market for premium brands, but Istanbul has a lot of great brands in the suit industry too.

Can you tell us how you got into modeling?

I started modeling at the age of sixteen. My mom suggested that I take part in a modeling competition. Sadly I missed the registration deadline, but never gave up and registered on an online modeling platform. Through that platform, I got connected to an agency in Berlin. Two months later, instead of focusing on my school exams, I took part in the Paris & Milan Fashion week. The good news is that I passed all of my exams after [smile].

Do you remember your very first professional photoshoot? What was it for? Were you happy with the result of your shoot?

[Laugh]…my very first professional photoshoot was for “Bravo Magazine” – a sort of teenage magazine. I covered the special edition of “Dr. Sommer.” It’s all about teenage education on sex & love. The job was a small one, but this cover has been broadcast in the news and on TV, where I was seen hugging a half-naked girl. It was a good start into the reality of show & “sex sells.” The first bigger job I landed was for the brands Benetton (catalog) & Moncler (showroom) in Milan, Italy.

Which photoshoot is your favorite photoshoot that you have done so far, and why?

Every shoot is different and challenges on a different level. My most interesting shoots are editorials, campaigns & TV. I loved producing the editorial “Man’s best friend” in Cape Town, South Africa, because we shot at a unique outdoor location by the ocean, with a dog. I needed to jump head-first into 1m deep water…which means I wasn’t just a model that day but more of a stunt man. I love doing stunts on a shoot; of course, everything needs to be under control so that serious injuries are avoided.

How do your family and friends feel about your modeling career? Are they supportive of what you do?

Everything that I do with passion, my family and friends support me. I believe this is what family and friends should always do.

You label yourself as a will power coached by life & passion. Can you tell us more?

I have a Masters in Engineering. To focus on my studies, I stopped modeling at the age of twenty. After six years of studies and five years of working as an engineer in both national & international projects in the industry at the Volkswagen Group, I came to the conclusion that I’m not satisfied with the career choice. I decided to forget about status, money, and job-security and quit that job to follow my passion: modeling, traveling, meeting new people all over the world, learning from different cultures, and what lessons life itself has to teach me – not those of schools or bosses. I have invested this time, as well as in excess of $25,000, and what I learned from it I will apply to the rest of my life & decision making going forward – life has taught me things which I call “priceless treasures.” I’m just grateful for those kinds of experiences – none of this would have been possible without will power and passion.

You are also a big traveler. Can you tell us where you have traveled to so far? And where is your favorite destination, and why?

I have traveled to most countries in Europe, including islands like the Canaries and Azores. In 2017 I was partaking in fashion week in Funchal / Madeira, Portugal, the birthplace of Ronaldo/CR7. I have also traveled to Turkey, Russia, North Africa, and South Africa. I still plan to go to North and South America, Middle Africa, the Middle East, China and Indonesia. But I still have time [wink]. My most favorite destination is South Africa because I love the nature and magic of the country.

How do you stay fit? What’s your training routine? What’s your typical diet?

Staying fit starts in our minds. I want to stay fit for my own health & well-being and stay productive, not just because of my career. I do not have a specific training plan as I do not need one because I know my body & mind very well. I decide every day what to exercise on the day. The only routine I have is jogging in the morning & then exercise after, or in the evenings, I go to an indoor/outdoor gym. I workout 4-6 times per week – it depends on my workload. Regarding nutrition, eat clean with the occasional cheat [smile].

What’s your ultimate goal for your modeling career and life?

One day I want to use my modeling knowledge and network to coach young, aspiring models. To help them avoid common mistakes and to look out for common fraud in the industry. My life goal is to hand over useful knowledge to the younger generation, which I have gathered from every phase of my life, and try to open people’s eyes to the use of responsible technology, a healthy environment, and the unity of humanity.

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