HUF Magazine issue 80 out now, with our beautiful cover photography by Reinhardt Kenneth. Styling by Dela Dewi. Hair by Waatani Norris with model Cheverly Amalia.

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with international photographer Tim Hulme. Tim has travelled all over the world shooting for brands, designers, publishers, and companies. He has
photographed for hundreds of billboards, and it is likely that you have seen a campaign that he shot. He shared with us how he started photography and his career as a photographer. He also gave some great advice on how to become a good photographer.

Also in this issue, we interview freelance photographer and set designer George Georgas. His work are not just photographs but a combination of Renaissance paintings, mythology and cinema, as well as elements of advertising, fashion, styling and pop culture. Each pieces are art work with great details.

As with every issue, we feature creative and beautiful editorials by photographers and their team from all around the world. In this issue, we featured editorials by photographers (and their team) such as Azim Mahayudin, Pierre Turtaut, Norbert Bäres, Tran Nam, Art a la Carte, Silke Wagner, Igor Iden and Reinhardt Kenneth. These editorial are not only beautiful but a great inspiration.

Our “Creative Profiling” section introduces you to the creative people who you should get to know with. In this issue, we introduced you to two creative talents. Achraf Baznani – an entrepreneur and artist photographer who share his own imaginary world through his photographs. And Fernando Cortes – a part-time photographer and artist, who create stunning fantasy outfits for his amazing photographs.

In our “Model Profile” section, where we will introduce you to the next top model who you should be following. In this issue, we are introducing you to Ajdin Sefer. A model and an actor based in Los Angeles, CA. He has appeared in commercials, billboards, store ads, websites, newspapers, magazines and more. With his good looks, chiseled face, and body of a Greek God. He will certainly make you turn your head when you see him.

And don’t forget about our Design section, where we feature the latest design, architecture, and lifestyle content.

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