Ivan Jimenez

Visual Manager/ Fashion Stylist/ Creative Director

Website : www.ivanjimenez.fashion
Instagram: IvanJimenezStylist

Where are you based?
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Why did you become a fashion stylist?
I always had an interest for fashion, and dressing up my mom, sister and friends was a hobby for me. After I graduated from fashion school, a friend introduced me to Numa Models and I did an internship for 3 months as a Fashion Stylist. At that time I had no experience and no portfolio. After then, I got offered to be full-time and I started getting petitions from photographers and other agencies to do collaborations; that is how I started. Something that was a hobby became a career.

Who is your styling icon?
Rachel Zoe

What is the worst styling tip you’ve ever heard?
I have been in the industry for three years now and it’s hard to believe it but in that time I asked for advice once and the answer wasn’t the best. In other words, in the three years that I have been styling, I haven’t asked for any tips. I have learned everything on my own and by making my own mistakes. I am still learning and I have a long way to go.

What does the word ‘stylish’ mean to you?

If you could change one thing about this world with your styling ability, what would it be?
Freedom to express who we are by the way we dress. (Acceptance)

What’s on your mind right now?
My Birthday Party. I will celebrate my 27th anniversary this coming September 24th so I’m excited, I have a great evening planned. Friends, fashion, art, live music and much more.